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Product Development 101

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A man wearing glasses is using Apple Pencil to draw on iPad


Innovations in technologies such as AI/ ML, 3D printing, 5G and IoT provide a wealth of opportunities for creating new and exciting products. However, while exponential technologies can be a component of products and businesses with high potential for innovation, they should be used with caution. Especially for a technical founding team, it can be tempting to try and integrate as many technologies as possible into your startups' offering. Great products which apply the latest technologies may attract attention at first due to novelty. However, if the technology offers users minimal value, you will likely struggle to convert the products into a sustainable business. In Product Development 101, we will show you how you might go about designing products which integrate the user insights and deliverables gathered from user development. Content of this course: • Models of product development • Prototyping • MVP • User (UX) research

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