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User Development 201

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Two people looking at an application in mobile phone.


In User Development 101, you learned the importance of understanding the requirements of your users in the product development process. The User Development 101 explained methods to collect data from your users and how you can integrate data into your product and business development process. After completing a full development cycle, you may think that you have finished your user development activities. You understand your user; you know what they do and what their lives are like, so why do you need to do more? The reality, however, is that you never complete user development. Building your business is an activity which is never 'done' regardless of the stage of your venture. Instead, the user, market, product and business development activities are activities which you will need to revisit, tweak, regularly change or sometimes even start over. In this course, you are going to learn: ● Measuring outcomes and impact ● Data privacy and ownership ● Ethics in research and entrepreneurship

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