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User Development 101

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A person with visual impairment learning how to use a smartphone under the supervision of a researcher / trainer.


The term ‘user development’ is to describe activities which help you to build a strong foundation of evidence about your target users. Through understanding your users, you will begin to understand the real problems and needs of your users and therefore be able to create worthwhile products. This course presents reasons why you should why and how you should conduct user development, and many hints and tips to ensure you get ‘good’ data. Additionally, this course will show you methods which can help you go from insights to starting points for product development. After learning this course, you’ll have an idea of how to go about answering the following questions: ● Who are the specific users you wish to help? ● What are their problems and needs? ● What is the full context surrounding your target users’ lifestyles? ● What user development activities are you planning to conduct, and how will you go about it? ● How does your user development insights translate into product requirements?

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