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Making Disability Innovation Visible 

Breaking down barriers and bringing the world of Assistive Technology Innovation together to make our world a fairer place for everyone.

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Who is it for?

Our website is a treasure trove of commercial and grassroots disability innovations. In addition, it offers insights and guidance to help AT start-ups in this dynamic assistive technology sector. 

We also believe in the power of collective intelligence and invite anyone in the ecosystem of AT to share your innovative ideas, challenges and solutions freely and openly, contributing to a global pool of knowledge.

Overview image of the AT innovation portal connecting diverse stakeholders

Discover Innovations

Hundreds of AT startups are listed in this geographical map below. Simply search for something relevant!

Share Problems

Connect with innovators and people with disabilities in a friendly community and solve real-world problems together.

Learn Disability Innovation

Learn how to innovate from world-leading experts and explore each online course at your own pace for free!

A Collective Effort

This project is a collaboration between the Global Disability Innovation Hub, UCL London and the National Centre for Assistive Health Technologies, IIT Madras, funded by UK Aid.
AT Innovation Portal is also part of the AT2030 programme.

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